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Giving your callers the attention they deserve
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We recognize that having even the most advanced technology and equipment does not ensure success. Without great people, our equipment is worthless. Our people are are most valuable asset!

Over the past decade, the Wagner name has become synonymous with quality in the telemessaging industry. Our dedicated staff of telemessaging specialists has brought the concept of customer service to a new level. We understand that when your phone rings, the caller isn’t calling Wagner Communications, they are calling you. We give your caller the undivided attention he expects and deserves. We act as an extension of your staff. Your callers will not know that they are speaking with “the answering service” unless you want them to.

Our professonal, courteous telephone receptionists take a true interest in the satisfaction and success of each one of our clients. Matched with our state-of-the-art systems, wireless and internet technologies, our service has survived the test of time.

FACT: Our low employee turnover benefits you! By having the same individuals answering your calls day after day, your regular callers will recognize our telemessaging specialists as members of your own staff. The more familiar we are with your callers, the more efficiently we handle your calls.


FACT: You can't be in all places at once. Whether you're sneaking out for 9 holes, out of town on business, or just home for the evening, rest assured that your calls will be handled professionally by our experienced staff.

FACT: At Wagner Communications, you are in control. Our flexibility allows you to forward your calls to us whenever you need. After-hours, at lunchtime, for the Tuesday morning staff meeting, or round-the-clock. We are ready to serve you!